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Power of attorney services

Though it is unfortunate, many families often find themselves mired in conflict when it comes to unexpected legal issues. Loved ones often leave behind wills with vague representation; divorce often leads to conflict over custody and property division, and children may get themselves into more trouble they can handle.  When you want a peaceful solution, you need a trained lawyer to help you.

Attorney John W. Thatcher has been a practicing lawyer in the town of Clinton and serving Hunterdon County residents since 1974. John is a trained family law mediator and arbitrator. He has provided many peaceful solutions to family problems. Estates are another one of John's strengths in his desire to help families resolve their issues.

John W. Thatcher, Esq. in Clinton, NJ offers several legal services for family litigation.John W. Thatcher, Esq.

John W. Thatcher, Esq.
39 Main St
Clinton, NJ 08809

Phone: (908) 735-7151